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so happy with this. looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Phonometrologist responds:

Yes! To the future.
Your scratching and your overall performance really enhanced this.

WOOO. i feel like i've heard this before! deja vu. its awesome. i absolutely love the meter you used here. great work!!!!!!

This evokes a warm feeling out of me, but when reading the backstory in the description I definitely sense a theme of self indulgence and sadness... I can almost hear a person telling another off on there inadequacies (the idea of how everything revolves around them). I really like this, and can't wait to hear the final product!

Panteras responds:

Thank you so much for the review!
I'm glad you enjoyed the music and got some insight into the song. I find it interesting how you were able to get two different feelings from this song and how the description influenced you.
I hope to have the final product soon. I just need to finish up the lyrics and re-record the parts so they sound better.
Again, Thank you!


As you said in the description, nothing in this piece is played exactly the same. I especially like your phrasing. I really enjoyed how the non chord tones resolved perfectly, but not in an expected way, like at 1:54 .Your use of Dynamics are impeccable as the whole piece is just building up to what seams to be the climax, and then there is a sense of 'falling action'.
For me, this piece evoked a feeling of nostalgia, which is a special feeling especially when felt in music. Bravo.

Phonometrologist responds:

Nostalgia is one of the feelings I am most fond of, but I'm glad you felt anything upon hearing this. I've come to the point I don't feel anything anymore from this. With familiarity, music can be like a drug and eventually you build a tolerance to it. Perhaps that could be the reason why so many one hit wonders on the radio are to be constantly thrown out over a year or two, and that's when performing can become quite useful as to differ from the original.
Call it vanity of vanities.
Thank you for the kind words :)

I like this a lot. Reminds me of David Wohls work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY1D-keaRE4 very experimental. Maybe push the melody further. the one used in the beginning. I think it could be more interesting and even more experimental if you pushed the drum breaks and beats beyond that standard motif (the reoccurring beat...) Bravo.

reminds me of samurai champloo, or nujabes type of music. fabulously done. For some reason this makes me real happy. PLEASEE EXPAND ON IT! you should def make it longer, and maybe put in more of a bridge. loved it though. if you havent already, check out Nujabes, the album Soul searching. that is what this reminds me of. great work.

Lapse responds:

Love nujabes!
Love Champloo too!
Thanks for the listen :)

The trumpet's melody in the beginning really reminds me of Miles Davis on My Funny Valentine. Really well done composition. I'm really impressed. I also watched the film on your website, and let me say that this was amazing as a song for a film, as it really captured the essence of the shots. magnificent. thanks for making this :)

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and the film as well. It's important to understand sometimes what some things are for since the compositional concepts will be more geared towards complimenting a film or a game.

i like your approach but the horns just didnt work for me here. they almost sound robotic. your bass playing is pretty good though. the horns almost sound like an accordion. nice work here, but i think you can expand on it. cheers :0

Really great. Downloaded. the chordmelody thing you had going with the guitar was great. you know, you usually here this stereotypical jazz guitar effect, and some cats think thats the only way to go, but with the reverb you used here, you definitely proved em wrong. i feel like you should expand on this. get some musicians together. maybe an alto or trumpeter, and then i can totally see this with some nice lines on an upright bass. maybe you could give the melody to a horns player and then comp the chord progression in the background? just spewing out ideas. Not that what you have now isnt great, i just think it would be so cool to expand on. good work, and if you do decide to go further with this i'm looking forward to hearing it! :)

ANGELGRIS responds:

I really appreciate your excellent review my friend! This song is just a demo and I was thinking about adding some brass instruments later on,so your idea will be taken in consideration,i know I need to keep working to get something better,in fact the song ended up being too short for my taste so I´m gonna work on this stuff to make it better and more complex.Anyway thanks for the feedback dude,cheers!

really soulful.

Panteras responds:

Thank you!
I really enjoyed making this piece.

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